The Sea Reclamation Technology & Materials
The coastal dam protection Technology & Materials
Anti debris flow, landslides, and collapsion disasters Technology & Materials

“VANS TECH” reclamation island protection system introduction:
The concrete dam is rigid protection with sealed surface, which can not absorb the wave impact. The huge wave impact directly hit on the concrete surface without any restrictions. The dam resists the wave impact by its own strength, which can easily bring the destruction by continuous wear erosion and wave impact. Moreover, the smooth concrete surface can produce high wave climbs, which brings great difficulties to the tsunami disaster prevention.

“VANS TECH” new technology is to build the graded gravel into an extremely strong coastal protection system and a durable sea-land land.
“VANS TECH” dam protection system advantages:
1.Absorb the wave impact, reduce the wave climb and the wave kinetic energy;
2.The wave height resistance ability is 3 times than the concrete dam. It can improve the coastal protection and tsunami disaster prevention ability;
3.The porous structure can provide habitats for some aquatic animals and plants, while protect the bank and environmen;
4.The polychromatic and transparency feature can integrate the construction color with the environment.

The main purpose:
1.Pock: gravel bonding instead of cement caisson, block stone;
2.Water project: reservoir or river dam slope protection;
3.Railway: adjoin and fix the stones on the railway track subgrade, prevent their spatter and slipping;
4. Mountain and road: the mountain road with large slope, the moutain sides which can collapse and has the debris flow disaster.