Anti- heavy corrosion, high waterproof, anti-fire, high durability materials

These new materials and technologies includes but not limited to: marine and weather-resistant materials under corrosive weather conditions, bridge corrosion-resistant technology durability materials, tunnel corrosion-resistant lining crack repair materials, long-term acid and alkali corrosion-resistant materials, high-performance new waterproof materials, fire retardant Materials, high temperature resistant materials.

These technologies and products have excellent performance and can be adjusted with various technical parameters at any time according to on-site technical requirements.

High Waterproof New Materials

Product Features:
1. Super adhesion, low temperature softness, high temperature resistance and excellent physical properties;
2, excellent impact resistance, wear resistance, elasticity and high dense film properties;
3. Excellent corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance and seawater resistance;
4. Excellent weather resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance and water resistance;
5, No benzene solvents, no coal tar components, it is an environmentally friendly material;
6.Cold construction and construction are safe and convenient.

Application areas:
Railway, tunnel, cavern, bridge waterproofing and other plugging projects;
Various military projects, water projects, nuclear power plants, subways, oceans, ships and docks and other difficult waterproof projects;
The senior engineering waterproof and special waterproof, moisture-proof projects;
Fill all kinds of irregular joints, cavities, seams, cracks; construction joints, expansion joints, culverts, swimming pools, reservoirs, sewage treatment works and other cracks in the concrete buildings.

Technical Indicators

Items Test contents Actual test value
1 Tensile Strength (MPa, 7d) 2
Tensile Strength (MPa, 14d) 22.1
2 Elongation at break (%, 7d) 122
Elongation at break (%, 14d) 611
3 Tear strength (N/mm, 7d) 12
4 Low temperature bending No crack, @-40℃
5 Impervious(0.3MPa, 30mins) impermeable
6 Solid content, % 99
7 Surface drying time, h 3
8 Actual drying time, h 24
9 Wet base bond strength (MPa, 7d) 0.50
10 Alkali resistance, with CA(OH)2 saturation by 500 hours No cracking, No skin

Not falling off

11 Extension aging Heat aging No crack, No deformation
Artificial weathering No crack, No deformation
12 Heat treatment, 7d Tensile strength retention,% 105
Elongation at break,% 89
Low temperature bending, ℃ No crack, @-35℃
13 Alkali treatment, 7d Tensile strength retention,% 60-150
Elongation at break,% 88
Low temperature bending, ℃ No crack, @-35℃
Alkali treatment, 14d Tensile Strength, MPa 19.1
Elongation at break,% 485
14 Acid treatment, 7d Tensile strength retention,% 107
Elongation at break,% 128
Low temperature bending No crack, @-35℃
15 Artificial weathering 720h No crack

No deformation

Technical Indicators

Items Test contents Standard value Actual test value Results
1 Tensile Strength, MPa ≥1.9 2.8 GOOD
2 Elongation at break,% ≥550 577 GOOD
3 Tear strength (N/mm) ≥12 15 GOOD
4 Low temperature bending ≤-40℃ -41℃ GOOD
5 Impervious (0.3MPa, 30mins) impermeable impermeable GOOD
6 Solid content, % ≥80 95 GOOD
7 Surface drying time, h ≤12 5 GOOD
8 Actual drying time, h ≤24 23 GOOD

“VANS TECH” Heavy Anti-Corrosion New Materials

Excellent corrosion & wearesistance, elasticity, and resistant to high and low temperature, low temperature softness, shockproof, waterproof, soundproof and higher strength.


1.metal and non-metal anti-corrosion, concrete base protection. Such as: offshore equipment facilities, offshore steel structures, marine concrete buildings;

2.Anti-corrosion in harsh environments, such as: smelting plants, battery plants, power plants and other acid and alkali environment; For gas pipelines, chemical plants, chemical equipment, non-metallic storage tanks, wooden objects, etc.

3.Metallurgy, chemical industry, ship, container, railway bridge, etc., to protect against atmospheric, seawater, oil and other chemical media.

Technical Indicators

Test contents Test value Standard value
Shore hardness 65-90 (as clients’ requirements) GB/T 2411

GB/T 529

GB/T 1768

GB/T 19250

GB/T 1720

GB/T 16777

Tensile strength (7d, MPa) 10.4
Tear strength (N/cm) ≥100
Wear resistance

(1,000 rpm, 1,000g), g

Elongation,% 234
Adhesion Grade 2
Film drying time, h Surface drying time 1
Actual drying time 24
Bonding to the concrete drying interface (7d) 3.5 MPa
Bonding to concrete wet interface (7d) 2.4 MPa
8-shaped forming bonding,

7d MPa

Distilled water resistant, 90d Normal GB/T 1733
Hydrofluoric acid resistant, 24h No bubble, Not falling off

Slight discoloration

GB/T 17657
Acid resistant(10%HCl, 10% sulfuric acid and 10% Nitric acid), ≥12months No bubble, Not falling off

No discoloration

GB/T 1763
Alkali resistance (5% NaOH),  ≥3,000h No bubble, Not falling off

No discoloration

Resistant heat salt water(3%NaCI,40℃) ≥3,000h No bubble, Not falling off

No discoloration

Salt spray resistance ≥3,000h No bubble, Not falling off

No discoloration

GB/T 1771
Heat and humidity resistance≥3,000h No bubble

Not falling off

GB/T 1740
Resistant super aqua regia ≥12months No bubble

Not falling off

Note: 15% Sulfuric acid

15% Nitric acid

15% hydrochloric acid

“VANS TECH” High Fireproof New Materials

It is a solvent-based fireproof material, a new organic synthetic material. It expands rapidly in case of fire, spread densely fire-proof and heat-insulating carbonized layers to protect the wooden, steel or other materials structures in the fire, prevent the buildings to collapse.

Product performance:
(1) Bond strength: 1.51 MPa.
(2) Water resistance: After soaking for 24 hours, the coating has no delamination and peeling off.
(3) Resistance to cold and heat cycle: After 15 thermal cyclings, the coating is free from chalking, cracking, flaking and foaming.
(4) Drying time: Surface drying time ≤ 8 hours, actual drying time 24 hours.
(5) Initial dry crack resistance: no cracks.

Fire Performance:
According to GB14907-2002 standard, “VANS TECH” fireproof material is sprayed on 36B I-beam and loaded with 136KN. The experimental results are as follows:

Coating thickness, mm 0.59 1.1 1.7 2.18 3.01
refractory limit, h 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5

(Note: Fire resistance and coating thickness are subject to inspection report)

“VANS TECH” Anti-High Temperature & Corrosion Materials

Anti corrosion & high temperature ≤ 600 °C; It is the best choice for petrochemical device use;

Excellent wettability, shielding, anti-rust, anti-corrosion,resistant to rain and water, superior high temperature resistance. When used outdoors longer, it will not be powdered or peeled off.

Application range:
Anti-corrosion and protection of the petroleum industry,chemical industry, and high temperature equipment.

Product Performance Index

Items Test contents Actual test value
1 Color Silver gray (any color)
2 Gloss Matt
3 Density 1.02g/cm3
4 Volatile organic constituents (VOC) 195g/liter
5 Adhesion (Cross-cut method) Grade 1
6 Flash point 27℃
7 Impact strength ≥ 50kg, cm
8 Temperature resistance From -25℃ to 600℃
9 Wear resistance (700g/500r) 11.5 mg
10 Acid resistance, 30d 15% H2SO4 No corrosion, No bubble

Not falling off


7% HCl
11 Alkali resistance (30% NaOH),  30d
12 Salt resistance 60g/L, 30d
13 Salt spray resistance 2,000h
14 Oil resistance (No. 0 diesel, crude)
15 Recommended dry film thickness 20-40 Micron
16 Theoretical spread rate 50g/m2
17 Actual spread rate The appropriate loss factor should be considered
18 Drying time Surface drying time 1-3h
Actual drying time 24h
19 Coating interval From 3h-48h